Orange County’s Home for Video Production

Lyon Studios opened its Orange County recording studio in 1975. As we built our client base and realized their needs were changing we began to expand our operation. We added a workshop for set and prop construction, a shooting area, edit bays and the equipment and software necessary for professional video editing. This allowed us to take on new projects and provide our clients the expanded video production services they were looking for.

Why Make a Video?
A video solves a problem. The real trick is figuring out what your problem is. Are you building awareness for a product? Promoting a business? Explaining the values and mission of your company? These are the types of questions Lyon Studios is here to help you with before we get the camera out. We want to develop the “story” of your video first and then work backwards to find the best type of video for your needs.

Once we agree on the direction and execution of your video, we will walk you through the different parts of the video production process to ensure everything goes smoothly and you end up with a quality product that meets your needs. You can browse our services below or contact us to get started.

Video Production 101
Once you’ve decided the goal of your video it’s important to understand the process. There are three main steps in video production. At Lyon Studios we have decades of experience with each of these steps and our staff will help you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. This is a quick rundown of the process we will go through with you during the production of your video.

The first step is pre-production. This is the planning phase of making a video. We need to make a script, which our talented writers can help with if you don’t already have one developed. We need to find a set location, either in our Newport Beach studio or at a separate site. We need props and set pieces, which we can build in our workshop or find through our local connections. Most importantly, we need to handle the scheduling, casting, logistics and administrative tasks that ensure we have the right people in front of and behind the camera at the right place at the right time. All of these things will be handled when you work with us.

The second step is actually capturing the video. While this may seem simple, there are many different options when it comes to filming. Are there multiple locations? Is it a stable shot, or do we need steadicam, crane or drone footage? Do we need a separate audio recording set up? These are just a few of the things that are figured out in pre-production, but make a day of shooting more complicated than just showing up to the studio.

The final step is post-production. This is when we take the different clips we shot and selectively combine them to create a finished product. We are able to add music, voice overs, graphics and digital effects to tell the story or communicate the message that solves the problem we determined at the very start of this process.

At the end of the video production process you will have a completed video packed for projection or ready to stream. We will handle each step in the process and help find locations, actors and writers to ensure you get a premium product. We work with clients all over the world and are happy to show you our previous projects.

Video Production Services

Web and TV Commercial Production
For years Lyon Studios has produced TV commercials for local, regional and national clients. We will work with you to find the goal of your commercial and determine the best content to engage with your target audience. We have all of the necessary equipment to plan, shoot and produce your TV commercial so it is ready to air. We also produce web commercials and videos for social media and other web properties. contact us directly for more information.

Music Video Production
Music video production flowed naturally from our recording background. Showcase your band along with your music in a professionally produced video. We are also available to take footage from your live show if you want to incorporate it into your music video. Ensure your audio and video are the highest quality with Lyons Studio and leave with an important visual tool that represents both your image and music.

Feature Film Production
From video shorts to full length feature films Lyon Studios will help you bring your vision into reality. From solo camera work to multicam sets we work with every production scale to ensure your project is in good hands. We have experience working with each stage of development, from pre-production to post-production, and are happy to jump in at any point of the process to assist as needed.

Corporate Video Production
Corporations use videos for many things. Internal communication, event summaries, training and product and service information are just a few of the things we have produced for our clients. We are happy to walk through your goals and help you find the best type of video to create. Here are some examples we have put together for Orange County companies. We are available to shoot video at our Newport Beach production studio or at another location of your choosing.

Corporate Overview Videos: This is the best way to communicate your beliefs, values and mission statement to potential investors, stakeholders or the general public. These videos usually feature key leaders in the company and are often used on your website or in promotional materials to clearly and succinctly communicate key parts of your company’s identity. This video will also serve as the foundation for other company video content.

Corporate Training Videos: A training video is an ideal way to educate employees over time, in separate places or when a large group gathering is impractical. You can tailor content to different groups and update your training video as policies or best practices change. Let Lyon Studios help you design a compelling and informative training video for your company today.

Internal Communication Videos: Calling an all company meeting is not always practical, especially as more and more employees work from home. An internal communication video is a good way to reach your entire company at a specific time with important news or big changes. We have experience creating effective and concise messaging and combining that with impactful imagery to ensure your communication is well received.

Corporate Event Videos: Trade shows and conventions are important opportunities to showcase your products and talents. Hire Lyon Studios to take footage throughout your event, especially if there are breakout sessions or trainings that not everyone can attend, and then we will put together an event video to use during your final presentation or as a summary for people who were unable to attend. We are adept at working with a short timetable if you need us to take footage and produce a video within a tight timeline.

Product Videos: Lyon Studios will help you showcase the best features of your product or service and add imagery sure to engage your customers. Product videos are excellent for your website, social media, event, training or sales staff. We are able to handle your video, voice over, music or other production needs in house or come to your location.

Explainer Videos: Even the most simple products can benefit from a video explaining the best uses and answering common questions. Lyon Studios is even able to set up a YouTube channel with a how to video for each of your products. Not only will this serve as an asset for your support and sales team, but customers will be able to find new products like the ones they already know and trust. It’s a win-win!

Trust Lyon Studios With Your Video Production Needs

Every project is different and we’ve seen it all. You can count on Lyon Studios to bring experience, skill and enthusiasm to your video in order to meet your goals and produce something you are proud of. We also offer audio production services to the production community. Contact us today.