Orange County’s Home for Audio Production

When Lyon Studios opened its Orange County recording studio in 1975 it was eagerly embraced as an affordable alternative to the big Hollywood multi-track studios. It was not only affordable though, even in those early years it was known for its high-quality work and recorded chart toppers like Stevie Wonder, Kenny Loggins and America. With over four decades of experience under our belts, we’ve branched out into other aspects of recording and audio production to create a comprehensive list of services for the advertising and production business worldwide.

What is Audio Production?

There are many separate areas that fall under the broad umbrella of audio production. First of all there is audio recording. Stated simply that is the process by which sound information, also known as audio, is captured onto a storage medium. This task is handled by the producer, who ensures the musician or performer produces the best possible audio while recording, and the sound engineer, who is responsible for ensuring that the sound information is captured and stored in the highest quality way.
The production component comes when the audio is altered by a sound designer, who adds auditory effects or ambiances, or a sound engineer, who balances and adjusts the multiple sound sources. The audio is then prepared for a medium, like a record or digital file, that can be used to reproduce the original sound if it is fed through a playback machine or computer and loudspeaker system.

Why Choose Lyon Studio?

In the decade following our inception Lyon Studio became an incubator that attracted some of the best artists, musicians, producers and writers from around the world. Since then, we have continued the tradition of collaborating with cutting edge talent to infuse us with new energy and ideas. Unlike the early days, we have the benefit of a rich tradition with years of experience to channel that raw energy into your project. If you are looking for experienced producers to help you coax out the best sounds for your project, we have them. If you are looking for veteran sound engineers and sound designers supported by up-and-coming men and women with an ear for new sounds we have those too. If you are looking for the latest in audio engineering equipment and a dedicated recording studio, we also have that. Contact us (link to contact us form) today and let us work with you on your next project.

Audio Production Services

Audio Mixing and Cleanup

If you have already recorded your audio, our sound engineers are available for mixing and clean-up. We have decades of experience fine tuning volume levels, compression and equalizing your audio, blending individual tracks and mastering your project to ensure it will be polished and ready for distribution. We also offer recording services if you need to add a new track or re-record a section of audio.

Audio Recording

Our Orange County recording studio features Pro Tools latest software and all of the audio recording and sound engineering equipment needed to ensure your project is crystal clear. Our producers and sounds engineers are some of the best in the business and willing to spearhead your project or support your existing crew. We have recorded audio for all sorts of projects, but here is a list of some of the most popular. Pixar: Recorded Tina Fey, Jamie Fox and other character voices for the Academy winning film, SOUL. CBS: Record voiceover and ADR for the hit TV Show Blue Bloods with Steve Schirripa. HBO: Record voice-over and ADR for the hit show Righteous Gemstones featuring Adam Devine. NBC: Record Veteran Announcer Bob Costas for various shows for corporate and broadcast.

Music Recording: This is our wheelhouse. We will compose and produce jingles, original scores or hit songs at our recording studio in Newport Beach. We have an experienced staff ready to contribute in any way you need and in-house mixing and cleanup services if you need them. We have been recording well known artists since the 70’s and are committed to getting you the exact sound you are looking for.

Audio Recording for Movies: Does your next project feature a narrated sequence, a CGI or animated character or other audio that needs to be recorded separately? We are here to help you capture clean audio to use in post-production. We also do video editing if you need help fitting the audio back into your final project.

Audio Recording for Video Games: As the storylines for video games have become more elaborate the need for talented voice actors and quality audio recording has become especially important. We can help you find talent or record your existing voice actors and give you the polished audio files or help you incorporate them into your project. Contact us today for more information on our video game support offerings.

Audio Recording for Podcasts: The incredible rise in podcast popularity has meant that professional sound quality matters if you are looking to break into this space. Trust our sound engineers to give you the edge over the competition with professional recording. We also offer mixing and cleanup if you need these services to make your podcast ready to play.

Audio Recording for Audiobooks: The inflection and levels of a book reading dramatically influence the way your book will be received. Lyon Studios will ensure the sound of your voice is intelligible, clean and highlighted so all you have to do is bring the right tone to your project. We also offer the help of experienced producers and voice talent if you would like help crafting a certain sound for your book.

Radio Commercial Production
For years Lyon Studios has produced radio commercials for Orange County businesses. While we offer exceptional audio recording services, what sets Lyon Studios apart is how we help you craft your messaging to engage your target audience to meet your marketing goals. We can also help you determine the best locations to play your ads, from radio and streaming services to social media, we have extensive experience guiding radio and audio campaigns. We offer all of the equipment you need to record and produce a commercial in house. Contact us (link to contact us) directly for more information.

Live Event Audio Production
Our audio engineers are available for set up, sound check and live sound mixing using a mixing console and a sound reinforcement system for music concerts, theater, sports games and corporate events. We are also able to record this audio for future use in audio tracks or video. Contact us with the size and location of your event and we’ll find the easiest way to produce it. We also offer video recording services if you would like to capture the complete experience of your live event.

Audio Production You Can Count On

We’ve been in the audio production business for a long time and still love it! Making your project the best that it can be is what gets us up in the morning and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us. Contact us today and let’s make something we can both be proud of.