Advertising Solutions for your Car Dealership

Lyon Studios knows that it is hard to find the right vendor for each of your marketing needs. Fortunately, we have audio production, video production, graphic design, and marketing expertise all in-house so we can work through every aspect of your marketing plan to create powerful ads that will get results. Contact us with questions or read more about how we can help you with your car dealership’s marketing needs.

Audio Production

With a complete audio recording studio as well as mixing and production equipment we are able to create commercials for radio or audio streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon, or Apple Music. We not only offer quality sound engineering but have extensive experience creating and producing commercials. We can help you create the right messaging, write a script, hire or record your voice talent and then create a clear audio file for your audio commercial. We can also help you run your commercial on local radio or internet streaming platforms. Contact us today for ways we can help you get your car dealership’s latest ad onto the airwaves!

Video Production

Video is a great way to showcase the specific brand of your dealership. Whether you are interested in featuring the different vehicles you have in stock, the amenities of your location, or your staff we can help you advertise what sets your dealership apart from the competition. Our studio offers a workshop for set and prop construction, a shooting area, editing bays, and the equipment and software necessary for professional video editing. We have years of expertise in script writing, directing, and producing videos for everything from TV and internet commercials to full-length films. Let us help you find the right way to express yourself during your next video advertising campaign.