Curt Lyon

In 1975 at 21 years old Curt Lyon took a bank loan, his marketing degree and a big dream to open Lyon Studios in Newport Beach, CA. When the doors opened on his bayside production studio he wasn’t just the owner, but the inhouse writer, composer, creative director and recording engineer as well. The OC community embraced this affordable alternative to big Hollywood multi-track studios and Lyon Studios, with Curt at the helm, rapidly became an incubator for artists, musicians, producers and writers, looking to participate in the Orange County music and production scene.

Before opening his business, Curt graduated from Newport Harbor High School and attended the US International University in Sussex UK, where he studied Art History, English and Music. He also played guitar in the campus musical group and joined the drama society. On the weekends, he made extra cash playing music in the tunnels of London’s “Tube” subway system. After two years, he transferred to the University of Portland and finished his BA in Communications, Advertising and Marketing. During his stint in Portland, Curt built a small recording studio in the closet of his apartment. He also interned at Rex Recording Studio, the top production facility in the Northwest.

As Lyon Studios began to attract more and more high profile clients, Curt focused less on his duties as an audio recording engineer and more on the needs of the artists, musicians and producers he was working with. He began producing musical scores and jingles and working on radio and TV commercial audio, as well as contributing to his client’s marketing and production needs.

Seeing an opportunity to expand their expertise in audio production, Curt added video and film production to his studio’s list of services. He also expanded his marketing and production consultation services to ensure his clients were not just getting great audio and video products, but also helped them distribute them in an effective way.

Today Curt continues to collaborate with his team at Lyon Studios. He still enjoys the challenges of evolving with technology and feels fortunate to work with so many creative people every day. He is humbled by the opportunity to work and learn from some of the most talented people in the industry.

The Lyon Studios client list has grown to include national and international Fortune 500 companies. Under the leadership of Curt the studio has also won 2 Clio Finalist Awards and recorded albums for world-class recording artists like Kenny Loggins and Stevie Wonder. Curt Lyon also co-wrote a jingle for Hansen’s Soda with Stevie Wonder and Steve Wood that won one of the Clio Finalist Awards for the TV commercial. Most recently Lyon Studios was part of the audio recording for the Pixar feature Soul, which took home two academy awards and dozens of other awards.

Contact Lyon Studios today and let Curt help you with your TV or radio campaign, corporate film, infomercial production or audio recording needs. He is here to make sure you get impactful sound design and stunning visual imagery to enhance and elevate your brand.