Recent Accolades

Lyon Studios was proudly involved in the production of the award-winning feature film SOUL by Pixar.

Pixar booked Lyon Studios to record actors Tina Fey and Jamie Foxx for the animated feature film “Soul.”

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Orange County’s Premier Audio & Video Production Co.

Since 1975 Lyon Studios has been creating and producing award-winning content from our Newport Beach studio. What started as an incubator for up and coming artists, musicians, producers and writers has flourished into one of Southern California’s premier locations for audio and video production, custom content and a wide range of marketing solutions. Contact us today for help with your audio, video and production needs.

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Audio Production

Lyon Studios started in audio production and we have been producing records, jingles, blockbuster movie music and elaborate radio campaigns for over four decades. Let our experienced voice talent, writers, audio engineers and post production staff help you create your project and have it polished and ready for air on budget and on time. We have a recording studio, editing bays and audio engineering on site to ensure we are able to meet all of your audio recording and production needs.

Video Production

As our client’s needs grew we expanded our facility to include a workshop, shooting warehouse, greenscreen, edit bays and video engineering to supplement our recording studio and audio engineering. We also added set and prop construction, TV and web commercial development, brand and product videos and web content creation to our extensive list of services. Lyon Studios is here to assist with your video needs from initial idea to being packed for projection.


Our clients trust us to help them put their best foot forward on the airwaves, TV and web. From strategic brand and product campaigns to custom audio, video and web content our accomplished team of marketing professionals will help you develop a strategy and then work closely with our audio and video production teams to ensure Lyon Studio will deliver on your vision and goals.

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What We Do Best at Lyon Studios

  • TV/Web Commercial Production:
    Lyon Studios is experienced in the design, shooting and production of commercials for both TV, YouTube, social media and other web properties. We collaborate with your brand to produce effective content that resonates with your audience.
  • Promotional Video Production:
    Promotional videos are an effective way to highlight key features of a brand or product to capture the interest of a specific audience. Lyon Studios has the artists, writers and engineering staff as well as the necessary production equipment to create custom promotional videos for your needs.
  • Instructional Video Production:
    We live in a visual world and instructional videos are an excellent way to simplify a training, the use of your product or an explanation of your services. A well-crafted instructional video will empower your customers and sales team and has the potential to build strong brand loyalty and trust. See Lyon Studios for a video with focused messaging and clear visuals to ensure it will be easy for your viewers to understand.
  • Brand Video Production:
    While branding is often overlooked in marketing, it is one of the best ways to showcase your company’s principals, services and skills. Lyon Studios is here to assist you to develop your brand message and then highlight that message in an authentic, entertaining and concise way that targets your most important demographics.
  • Audio Recording:
    Lyon Studios offers a full recording studio, state of the art audio engineering equipment and the experienced staff necessary for your sound recording, editing, and mixing needs. Located on the peninsula in Newport Beach, we will ensure the audio for your film, album, video game, TV advertisement, commercial, corporate video or podcast is clear and polished.
  • Audio Mixing & Cleanup:
    If you have already recorded your audio, our audio engineers are available for mixing and clean-up. We have decades of experience fine tuning volume levels, compression and equalizing your audio, blending individual tracks and finally mastering your project to ensure it will be polished and ready for distribution.
  • Voice & Audiobook Production:
    Voice production is the process Lyon Studios uses to craft the sound of your voice in an audio recording to make sure it is intelligible, clean and highlighted. Audiobook production uses the same principles as voice production, but includes assistance recording the narration of your written book into an audiobook.
  • Music Videos
    Not only do we produce music, but Lyon Studios is available to create and produce your next music video. This will provide you and your band with an important visual tool that represents both your image and music to use in your advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Narrative Films
    Lyon Studios has experience working on both the audio and video portions of both short and feature films. If you need assistance in part of the writing, design, shooting or production processes, including original music and video, contact us today. We are always open to collaboration with other filmmakers as well.
  • Non-Profit Videos
    Lyon Studios will help your non-profit entity increase its reach and impact with a custom video designed to highlight your mission and strengths. We also have experience putting together a plan for presenting your video to the appropriate audiences through the most advantageous marketing channels.
  • Live Events
    You can even take our production experience on the road and have us handle the audio or video production of your live event. Contact us with the size and location of your event and we’ll find the easiest way to produce it.
  • Marketing
    Marketing is about presenting the right image to the right people and who better than an audio and video production company to trust with your brand representation? From simple branding to complex marketing campaigns we have the tools and experience to ensure your message is clear, targeted and well done. We are adept at finding creative solutions to complicated problems so contact us today and let us work with you to achieve your goals.


Orange County Audio and Video Production

Lyon Studios has come a long way from a small recording studio in Newport Beach. Curt Lyon has turned his marketing degree and big dream into a full audio and video production studio that creates award winning content and helps the artists and brands it supports market their products and services to audiences around the world. From full albums and feature films to simple jingles and quick commercials, we look forward to bringing our passion and expertise to your next project.